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Personal Nutrition Course

20 days online course designed to help you understand the ancient concept of Prakriti and the interconnection between food and body type. Our experience-based...

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20 days online course designed to help you understand the ancient concept of Prakriti and the interconnection between food and body type. Our experience-based learning concept will empower you to plan a nutritious diet for yourself as well as for your family.

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Yes, Unitus academy will reward a course completion certificate


Exam to be conducted after the completion of the course


20 Days

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No prior experience required

Study material

Included in the course

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Everyday Ayurveda : Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life


English - Hindi

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The Course Fee, Registration Fee, and membership fee once paid is non- refundable, non-adjustable, non-transferable and non-extendable.
  2. The Students will be eligible to attend the class only after the payment of full course fees.
  3. Student will be given access to the Nutrition Software for a period of six months from the date of enrolment of the course for practical training.
  4. Link for using the Nutrition software will be providing to the student through mail on registered e-mail id provided at the time of enrolment.
  5. Study Material (if any) will be given only after receiving full course fees.
  6. Access to the online course materials/recorded video will be available to the students for 30 days from the date of payment to complete the all the 5 Modules along with assessments.
  7. There will be an assessment after each module which student has to complete and pass to unlock the next module.
  8. The Unitus Academy is providing the certification course for upskilling the knowledge of students and does not guarantee any placement to the students who enrol and complete the certification course.
  9. The student will receive an Automated Downloadable e-certificate and handout upon successful completion of the course.
  10. The course and/or app logins, course materials and access to online recorded classes provided to the student will be for his/her use only. The student agrees to not distribute the same to others or reproduce any course material, in any form or manner.
Technology Requirement
  • Any electronic device like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers with a good internet connection
Eligibility Requirements
  • This course is open for all who have a zeal to learn about nutrition.
  • Not for clinical practice.
What will you get?
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  • Upskilling opportunity
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  • Confidence to plan the nutrition for yourself and for your family
Yes you will be able to plan meals for your family as per the body type and manage complete nutrition for the family. It also covers nutrition for a few lifestyle related issues.
Yes it will surely help to manage and maintain normal BMI as you will be learning about the reason for your over/under weight and diseases. Prakriti plays an informative role in understanding the characteristics of a person or family, it also plays an important role in preventive, diagnosis and treatment of a disease. Getting to know about the Prakriti of one's family can help get rid of the aggravated Dosha which could be in long run prove to be the root cause of health issues.
Yes you will know about different traits of tridoshas and questions to analyse the prakriti of a person.
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Top rated Personal Nutrition Course that gives you the knowledge and skills you need to transform yourself as well as yours’s family health. In this online nutrition course you will learn about planning the diet for yourself in the same way that a Nutritionist or a dietitian designs the diets. Join this nutrition certification course and live a healthy life.

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