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Upskill yourself with Nutrition for Joint Pain Management. Join this 16 days certified course by the renowned Dr (Lt. Gen.) Ved Chaturvedi, to understand different types of joint pains, why they occur, and the solutions in terms of medications, exercise, kitchen herbs, and the right nutrition.

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  • This course is open for all - medical professionals (physiotherapists, nurses, homeopathic doctors, and others), certified fitness or yoga trainers, nutritionists - B.Sc / M.Sc Food & Nutrition, or home science.
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  • Understanding of different types of joint pains, why they occur, and the solutions in terms of medications, exercise, kitchen herbs, and the right nutrition
Our Body is the most precious asset we have, and it is made up of many things from tiny to large. Bones and Joints are the main building blocks which make up our body's framework. This chapter explains about joints, their functions, and most essentially all types of joints in our body. We all must know about this as it is because of the bones & joints that we are able to sit, walk, run and do all sorts of activities of daily life. When we are healthy we don't even realize their value but as soon as a little pain or fracture occurs we get to know their worth.
We all are aware that there is deterioration in bones and joints with increasing age especially after 60 years. But what we need to understand is what are the major factors which prepone this deterioration in our body. First, the priority is to recognize the root causes and factors, only then we can work towards correcting them and living a healthy pain free life. Being aware and conscious about these causes can even make our old age graceful. So this chapter explains about all the errors we are making in this modern lifestyle from food to habits and how we can take care of them.
It is very obvious to all, that the more weight we exert over our joints the more stressful they feel. From walking, running or climbing stairs an overweight or obese person is exerting 30% more stress on the joints than a normal weight person. In this section you will learn about what other health problems arise in joints and bones when there is extra weight and how to deal with it. There are wholesome tips and lifestyle changes discussed here to make it easier for you to understand and implement.
Once you have learnt about the Joints, you must also know the possible and very common problems relating to it. Arthritis is one of the most common and talked about issues. This chapter will teach you all kinds of Arthritis, what is the difference in the classification and its root causes along with how to deal with them.
Nowadays, it is very easy to be fooled by n-number of quacks or medicines which are being sold in the market stating they are safe and can cure you. This part of the course will help you to be independent enough to know yourself better and if there are any early signs & symptoms that you have. It is very important to know what is the limit or condition to go to the Doctor. One should be aware of all the tests the Doctor is advising you and how to read the reports. This chapter gives you a very clear insight of all kinds of tests from diagnostic to blood work.
This segment will give you a deep insight into Doctors thought process and what are the factors that initiate them to prescribe medicines, therapies, or at last surgery. Most old age people are still unaware of many possibilities which are now available in the modern era. By receiving the knowledge straight from the Doctor, will surely clear many underlying doubts of people who need to learn about it.
For all those who suffer from any level of pain or discomfort of the knee joint must be very careful about what they do to them. Because any kind of wrong exercise can lead to worsening of pain and deteriorating joints. Here in this chapter all exercises which are beneficial for the joints are discussed, from stretching to strengthening for all joints.
After you are fully aware of the Joints, tests, when to visit the Doctor, impact of weight gain, specific exercises, now is the turn to know about the Nutrition for the Joints especially in the aggravated conditions like OsteoArthritis. There are certain foods which must be completely stopped when suffering from Osteoarthritis as they can worsen the pain and suffering, whereas what foods to include when you have it as they are helpful in managing the issue. This basic knowledge we all must have.
This autoimmune and inflammatory condition of the joints known as Rheumatoid Arthritis, is one of a kind. People who are suffering from this, must know which diet to follow. This section deals with its risk factors, do's and don'ts and the kinds of diets which one needs to follow. Special emphasis is placed on the Antioxidants, Diet Triggers, Macro & Micro Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals which should be taken in this condition and what are the dietary sources of them.
This chapter serves as a bonus for all, as it gives essential tips and explains how to use specific kitchen herbs for all kinds of joint pain. Our kitchen is stocked with very precious medicinal herbs which we don't know about. Here you can also know about the specific massages that can benefit you and reduce the pain.
People who suffer from joint pains or even people who are prone to getting it, must switch to yoga as it can gradually reduce pain, reduce inflammation, increase flexibility, lower stress & tension, improve blood circulation, strengthen joints and improve overall quality of your life.
This chapter gives an insight to the benefits of good and sound sleep along with managing stress according to our ancient Ayurveda. Here you can also come to know about the side effects or effects on health of Not taking a proper sleep. This becomes even more crucial in the modern times where life is fast paced. You will also learn about the correlation between sleep and joint pain, along with effective ayurvedic ways to deal with stress.
We all must have basic knowledge of all the magical herbs we acquire in our kitchens. They are beneficial not only when you experience pain but also in curing it. This section will teach you about the kitchen herbs, specific quantity to be used and method of preparation so that you do the right thing.
This is an important chapter as it focuses on the nutritional requirements of patients who have undergone joint surgery. It will help you know how much macronutrients & micronutrients one is supposed to take after undergoing a stressful surgery. It also illustrates the key role of calcium, zinc, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids in recovery of the patient. If not taken care of the nutrition after the surgery is done, the patient will experience weakness, fatigue and can also develop other nutritional deficiencies.
This segment helps you gauge what you have learnt in the entire course and helps you improve your weak areas. The discussion part helps to clear doubts and solve any underlying queries.
Dr (Lt. Gen.) Ved Chaturvedi

Dr (Lt. Gen.) Ved Chaturvedi

First rheumatologist in the country to treat Rheumatic diseases with Biologics. He was the first rheumatologist in the country to establish Rheumatology UltraSound. He served 35 years with the Indian army, reached the highest rank of General. He has also received highest piece time army award PVSM by the president of India. He is past president of the Indian Rheumatology Association. He has published many papers & current editor of the Indian manual of rheumatology.
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