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Demand for Professional help for weight loss and certified Weight Loss Nutrition Coaches are in a high demand! Today customers are looking for certified & Well trained Weight loss Nutrition coaches but are unable to find certified professionals The Course design is based on the unique curriculum of "Vedique Weight Loss Protocol" an intellectual property developed by Unitus Academy with the Vedique Dieticians and Ayurvedic doctors under the guidance of Dr Shikha Sharma. The Team of Dr Shikha has been successfully obesity for over 21 Years using a unique combination of Vedic Sciences and NutriGenetics.

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  • This course is open for Qualified Dieticians, Doctors from any field Recognized by the AYUSH Ministry like (Allopath Doctors, Qualified Fitness Trainers (With Professional Degree), Physiotherapist (DPT), Homeopathy Doctors (BHMS)
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  • Understanding of metabolism according to Vedic and modern medical sciences and the key unique features of both.
Obesity is the precursor of many lifestyle related disordersand therefore it is important to understand obesity along with Body Mass index and co-morbidities. Obesity has physical and social consequences and therefore it is important to know the lifestyle choices that lead to obesity.
In order to understand the impact of Obesity on various organs, one must understand the various organs and organ systems which is covered inthis topic.
Diagnosing obesity at the right time goes a long way in managing it and hence one should know the ideal BMI for an individual as per his/her height along with other parameters like Fat mass, body fat percentage, waist circumference ,waist to hip ratio along with certain other parameters.
Knowing about metabolism in terms of anabolism and catabolism along with factors that affect BMR is vital to understand obesity. The topic also provides insights about various disorders that affect metabolism.
Food is one of the major culprits known to increase obesity and therefore knowing about different macronutrients and micronutrients is also important while managing obesity.
The science of Ayurveda lays emphasis on understanding the concept of Tridosha which defines the three fundamental energies or principles that govern our body on the physical and emotional level. The three energies are Vata ,Pitta and Kapha,the dominance of which decides the Prakriti which is the basis of designing meals and avoiding certain diseases which includes obesity as well.
The concept of Prakriti analysis makes Ayurveda unique from all other medicinal systems. A thorough and complete questionnaire to understand Prakriti and a live assessment will help you understand how to analyze your Prakriti which is important to plan themeals when you are treating obesity.
The topic explains various factors that influence Ahara such as origin, season, preparation, biological properties, environmental factors, freshness and provides a logical explanation of how to balance food according to one’s Dosha and physical needs.
The timing and the gap between your meals has an effect on the metabolism, as the body has its natural clock where the metabolism is faster in the morning and slower at night, so late meals can take a toll on your metabolism and may put an individual at risk of obesity.
Ritu (season), classified by variation of Doshas with the climatic and weather changes, expresses its effects on the body, hence disturbing its equilibrium which in turn leads to various diseases .It is therefore important to understand and implement the guidelines which enable you choose foods as per seasons.
The 8 aspects of wellness are physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, social, environmental and financial. The 8 Well Nutrition software is a tool which suggests nutrition plans to a health coach with a unique algorithm of 1000+ clinical nutrition plans. The algorithm takes into consideration the medical problems, dietary habits, food allergies, different cuisines, likes and dislikes.
This topic helps you understand the difference between Calorie concept or combustion theory and metabolism along with understanding of the carbohydrate,protein and fat metabolism to understand why excessive calorie restriction is not advised?
ad diets are the diets that generally promise quick weight loss and are quite popular amongst individuals seeking weight loss.This topics will enhance the knowledge regarding various FAD diets along with their pros and cons.The FAD Diets covered are-
  • Keto diets
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Vegan Diet
Conditions associated with Obesity +Vedique Nutrition -Obesity can be a precursor to many other diseases and hence it is important to understand these diseases and dietary modifications that should be incorporated along with the Pathya Apathya mentioned in Ayurveda.The diseases covered in this topic are-
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Hypothyroidism
  • PCOS
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Osteoarthritis
Obesity is caused by an imbalance of Kapha dosha. Meda dhatu, Agni(digestive fire) & Ama(toxic end product of food) are mainly responsible for the pathogenesis of Sthoulya(Obesity). One should therefore be aware of the do’s and don’ts to keep the dosha, dhatu, agni in balance to cure obesity which are covered in this topic.
As per Ayurveda, if wrong food are consumed together it disturbs Jathragni(digestive fire) and lowers the metabolism. The majority of diseases begin because of disturbed or imbalanced digestive system and hence one should have a fair idea of the wrong or incompatible combinations.
Obesity is a multifactorial disease caused by a combination of biological, genetic, social, environmental, and behavioural determinants. Currently obesity epidemic is driven largely by environmental factors (e.g., high energy/high fat foods, fast food consumption, television watching, "super-sized" portions, etc.) as compared to biological ones.
The most challenging and difficult part is maintenance of current weight which is the lifetime commitment to good health.One should therefore know how to structure weight loss interventions to maintain a certain amount of weight loss over a prolonged period of time.
Sugar and salt are actually weakness of many individuals and act as culprit in promoting weight gain.One should therefore be smart enough to curb these cravings with healthy options so as to avoid weight gain.
Making healthier choices when you are going for an eating out is something that can help you keep those extra kilos off.This topic aims at empowering you with the knowledge of healthy eating out options.
Apart from the food,there are various herbs that can actually balance doshas,boost up Jatharagni and help an individual keep obesity at bay.This topics gives you an insight about various herbs that can work wonders in managing obesity.
Physical activity reduces stress and boosts mood and helps in maintaining healthy body weight and improving quality of life and overall wellbeing. Various types of physical activities that are recommended for obese patients are covered in the topic.
Dr Shikha Sharma

Dr Shikha Nehru Sharma

Dr Shikha Sharma, a TEDx speaker is a well-known name in the preventive healthcare sector is a medical doctor by training from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. She had a weekly column for 11 years in The National Newspaper, HT BRUNCH. She is the Ex-Board member - Delhi University Colleges. She regularly appears on television and is quoted by leading newspapers. She has delivered lectures to the students of top engineering and management colleges like IIT Bombay, IIT Rookie, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Patna, NDIM, IMI Delhi, etc.
Dr Shikha Sharma

Doctor of Nutriwel Health India

Qualified and experienced BAMS Ayurveda Doctors with a rich experience of over 12 years in clinical practice. Experts in managing health conditions through natural plant based herbs and nutrition.
Dr Shikha Sharma

Nutritionist of Nutriwel Health India

Trainers are Post graduates in Food & Nutrition with a rich experience of over 10 years in clinical practice. Directly counseling the clients and delivering results for weight management and medical issues have helped them bring insights which are difficult to find in a single book.
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