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This 10 day course designed by the Ayurvedic doctors and nutritionist of Unitus One Health Academy under the guidance of Dr Shikha Sharma will help you to understand the Ayurvedic and modern concept of diabetes. A deep knowledge of body prakriti and how the imbalance of doshas can cause different types of diabetes. Learn about the various herbs, foods, diet and nutrition, exercises,stress management and healthy recipes that can improve the quality of life of a diabetic patient.

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  • This course is open for all who have a zeal to learn about nutrition.
  • Not for clinical practice.
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  • Understanding of metabolism according to Vedic and modern medical sciences and the key unique features of both.
This section of the course will help you to learn about the ayurvedic and modern concept of the causes of diabetes. It will help you to understand the mental and physical causes that lead to the imbalance of doshas and diabetes. Also a modern concept of the causes of type1 and type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and inflammation due to diabetes.
An introduction of the physical doshas (vatta,pitta,kapha) and manas doshas (Satvic,Rajsic,Tamsic) ,the natural body constitution (Prakriti) formed due to the doshas and how to identify the prakriti of an individual. It will give you a deep insight into the basic principles of Ayurveda, how the imbalance doshas cause diseases and their balance can help to lead a happy/healthy life.
Diabetes is a lifestyle and food related disease , so eating a balanced nutritious diet and living a disciplined lifestyle can help to keep blood sugar levels in control. This part of the course will help you to understand the macronutrient and micronutrient requirements in diabetes, the quantity and quality of nutrients that are required for maintaining a healthy blood sugar levels, dos and don'ts of food and nutrition in diabetes and healthy meal timings.
A detailed knowledge about the therapeutic herbs like moringa, neem, fenugreek, giloy, turmeric and many more. How/when to use these herbs, their required quantity and multiple uses not only for treating diabetes but many other lifestyle diseases. The different types of aerobic and anaerobic exercises ,physical activity and recommendations for how to reduce sedentary time during the day for both older and younger people.
In the world of today there are so many diseases which are caused due to mental and physical stress like diabetes, muscle tension, insomnia etc. This part of the course will give you a deep knowledge about how yoga, pranayam, meditation, spending good time with your family and dietary changes can help you to control diabetes. Getting a good sound sleep is healthy for managing diabetes and maintaining a balance of body-mind-soul. You will learn how much sleep is needed during the day, how to increase your sleep, complications of insomnia and relation between insufficient sleep and diabetes.
There is a close connection between yoga and ayurveda.Both of these sciences work in coordination with each other. Yoga is a science that helps to balance the mind-soul and ayurveda helps to keep the physical body healthy. Pranayam improves the flow of prana in the cells and thus increases their metabolic activities, stimulates the pancreas to increase the insulin secretion and control blood sugar levels.You will learn about the yoga asanas, different types of pranayama and breathing exercises that can help to stimulate the glands and organs to work more efficiently.
In this part of the course you will learn about many healthy yet delicious recipes that can be easily made in your kitchen. Many nutritious recipes like ragi chilla, fresh food salads, quinoa salads, sprouted moong palak dosa and many more, their ingredients,method ,nutritional value per serving and also their serving size. These foods can be easily made in your kitchen and will not just be healthy for the patient but also for other family members.
A fluctuating and uncontrollable level of blood sugar in diabetes can have many long term effects on the mental,physical and emotional functions of the body. In this section you will learn about the various complications of diabetes that can severely affect the quantity and quality of life of the patient. The triggering factors that can lead to uncontrolled diabetes and their symptoms that can be seen in different organs of the body. This will help the diabetic patients to understand about their disease and how they can prevent these long term complications.
Monitoring the blood sugar levels in day to day life is very significant to prevent uncontrollable diabetes and its complications. You will learn about many clinical and at-home blood tests like FBS,PPBS,HbA1C etc that can be done regularly to know about the blood sugar levels in the body. This will help the patient and his family to keep a check on their diabetes and what necessary food/lifestyle changes are needed.
Dr Shikha Sharma

Dr Shikha Nehru Sharma

Dr Shikha Sharma, a TEDx speaker is a well-known name in the preventive healthcare sector is a medical doctor by training from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. She had a weekly column for 11 years in The National Newspaper, HT BRUNCH. She is the Ex-Board member - Delhi University Colleges. She regularly appears on television and is quoted by leading newspapers. She has delivered lectures to the students of top engineering and management colleges like IIT Bombay, IIT Rookie, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Patna, NDIM, IMI Delhi, etc.
Dr Shikha Sharma

Doctor of Nutriwel Health India

Qualified and experienced BAMS Ayurveda Doctors with a rich experience of over 12 years in clinical practice. Experts in managing health conditions through natural plant based herbs and nutrition.
Dr Shikha Sharma

Nutritionist of Nutriwel Health India

Trainers are Post graduates in Food & Nutrition with a rich experience of over 10 years in clinical practice. Directly counseling the clients and delivering results for weight management and medical issues have helped them bring insights which are difficult to find in a single book.
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